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Yann Tiersen - Discography (21 albums)

Guillaume Yann Tiersen (born 23 June 1970) is a French musician and composer known internationally for composing the score to the Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie Amélie.

His music is recognized by its use of a large variety of instruments in relatively minimalist compositions, often with a touch of either European classical music or french folk music, using primarily the piano, accordion or violin together with instruments like the melodica, xylophone, toy piano, ondes martenot, harpsichord and typewriter.

He has been compared to musicians like Chopin, Erik Satie, Phillip Glass and Michael Nyman!

1995 La valse des monstres
1996 Rue des Cascades
1997 Le Phare
1997 et Baestard La_Mancha
1998 Le Cyclope de la Mer
1998 La Vie Des Anges
1999 Tout est calme
1999 Black session
2001 Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain (BSO)
1995 La valse des monstres
2001 L’ absente
2002 Project Musica Planet
2003 C tait ici [Disc 1 & 2]
2003 Good bye Lenin! (BSO)
2003 On_Aime On Aide
2004 Shannon_Wright
2004 Concierto_en_Cartagena La Mar de Musicas live
2005 Les_Retrouvailles
2005 Muenchen
2006 Tiersen On tour
2008 Tabarly

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