Friday, November 23, 2007

Some nice piano pieces for beginners !

Here are some of my favorites by French Composer Yann Tiersen :

Yann Tiersen was born in Brest in Brittany and has moved to Paris. Tiersen has recorded many of his albums all by himself. On the soundtrack of Amelie for example, he is credited with playing the following instruments : toy piano, carillon, banjo, mandolins, guitar, harpsichord, vibraphone, accordion, piano, bass guitar and melodica. It seems he lays down the sound track layers one above the other. But he is not a recluse by any means. There have been many concerts of his music performed using a substantial number of musicians, where he himself plays the piano or accordion.
His music seems to be a confluence of both the traditional and the new.Familiar, yet surprising. Although simple in construction and very easy to listen to, appealing to a wide range of musical tastes and age groups, this simplicity is deceptive.

I'll try to find and add Sheets to some of his pieces in this blog.

1) La Noyee - Amelie

2) La dispute
- Amelie

3) Comptine d'un autre été ( very nicely did video!!)

4) Le Banquet

5) La Valse d'Amelie
- Amelie

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